Hi, I am Zach Adams.

I'm a photographer from Illinois. (United States). I have been featured in Illinois Times and also have an exhibit at the Illinois State Museum.

I use photography as a means to document the world around me. I take pictures that call attention to things that some may overlook. Everything from protests to a simple flower. This exploration of the overlooked helps me engage more deeply with where I am in space and time. My goal is to take photographs that draw viewers into the now. 

My choice of subject comes from my interest in ideas about beauty, and emotional connections. I enjoy taking photographs that capture candid moments. I like photographing people in their natural environment because I want to preserve a moment in time. 

I am inspired by the moments we lose to memory. I hope to bottle up any emotion with my photographs to save for later. Maybe unsurprisingly, my photos reference memories of good times, bad times and everything in between. This collection of work comes from my desire to preserve important and beautiful moments in my life.


I could not have asked for a better experience! I was so impressed with Zach. He went out the week before and scouted the best spots for our photos, he positioned us perfectly, and he was so patient with my dogs! On top of all that, we had a preview in an hour and the photos were absolutely stunning. The whole process was flawless! I will use 1221 photography for the rest of my photo needs!

Ali & Zak

“Working with Zach pretty much is everything you could hope for working with a photographer. Not only is his eye for a great shot incredible, but he makes you feel as if you’ve known each other for a lifetime. Even if it’s your first time meeting. Working with Zach was a breeze and he helped me feel beautiful in the most basic and natural sense of myself.I would recommend Zach to anyone and everyone who needs a photographer. He will NOT disappoint.”


Where do I begin? Being Zach’s friend is one thing, but being in the presence of someone who genuinely loves photography is another. Zach will pose you, make you laugh and make you smile throughout the shoot. I’ve always been quite the awkward egg, but shooting with Zach was so natural because he is so kind and so fun! He captured the poses, but also captured the best candid photos. Not to mention, he made me feel beautiful as well.


"Zach Adams goes beyond... Beyond comparison, beyond care for his clients, beyond any other photographer by far. He not only takes beautiful pictures of clients, he's so much fun, extremely creative, and he makes you priority. The same day he took my hospital stay photos after delivering my daughter he had the pictures edited and he even made me a little gift to go along with them! He's taken all of my family pictures from fall couples pictures, to pictures of my baby shower and hospital stay!

Lauren & Brandon

I spent a sunny afternoon in downtown Springfield with Zach and even on first meeting I could tell he was excited to shoot and had so many ideas for creative poses and unique locations. We talked throughout and he encouraged me to experiment with different angles and tweaked my hair or my accessories to help capture the perfect shots. I'm so in love with everything that came from our session, I highly recommend booking with him. Everything he posts made me an instant fan! Can't wait to do it again!


I have worked with Zach on more than a few occasions. He took photos of my son dressed up as his favorite super hero. For me, it started as a photo session.. and then when I saw that Facebook post it became more than that. Zach captured my son in his proudest element (dressed up as Spidey) and that became a perfectly edited memory that I get to have forever. The next day Zach showed up at my work and surprised me with two printed and framed posters and a framed picture of myself. Zach is the best!